Diskussion:Brev från Ove Lundgren till Gunnar Svedberg

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PD-icon.svg Denna text är ett yttrande av en svensk myndighet och skyddas inte av upphovsrätt enligt § 9 i Upphovsrättslagen. Nuvola Swedish flag.svg

This is the second document for the Gillberg affair that was discussed at the English Wikisource Scriptorium.  —Daphne A

For verification purposes, the e-mail address of the author can be found at the web site of the Department of Physiology, University of Gothenburg, here.  —Daphne A

The best thing you can do to verify officals offical letters, like this, is to give the D-number of the kind Lundgren himself refers to in his letter. Then anyone who whish can make a referenscontrol. As you might know all offial papers within any gouvernemantal or county organisation is totally open and should be given out to any one who whises. Noone is evan aloud to ask who is asking for the paper in quiestion. That's what concern letters of this kind. It's diffenrent with scientific papers concerning indivuals, especially wiithin healthcare and medical problems. The very problem in the case you refer to on english WP, is about this problem. The state gouvernement i Sweden have agreeed to the international rules on this area. That means that noone could do any scientific research on individuals i medical or caring science without guarnatee the persons, alive or dead, total silence about what they tell in the research. As research in Sweden mostly is offically financed the ethical committies also agree to theese rules and demands that the studies might only has be financed if the researchers also do agree to the rules. Tha state gouvernemant and the ethiacal committe demanded Gillberg et al to agree or else there would be no research at all. On the other hand the swedish gouvernement throuh law enforcement, as if research is a kind of gouvernemental question, helped two not quilified "researchers" to study the studies!! This is exceptional because these two together wanted to read all what people/patients and relatives had told during their complete psychological and social life. The parents to the concerned children refused and the children that had grown up refused to let these two persons read their the documents about their whole life. But legal authorities said that swedish law says that evan privat persons can walk into a hospital or a university and say "I would like to read the records about this person to see if this doctor is as well qualified as I would like him/her to bee.
This have made me to leave official care in Sweden. I have left my dentist, my general practionary and everyone that might have a record on me or on my children. Because anyone could go into offical offices and demand any document about me or my familydocuments. I will never in my life more help medical research in Sweden, since the administration courts has given the right to my neighbour to ask for any paper about me. My mental helath, my gynocological history, my eyeglases and everything else about me that might interest somebody. Actuallay that's a bigger scandal that the one you try to form.
By the way: Why are you who is reading and tranlating between swedish and english without problem writing in english on the swedish wikipedia????Agneta 16 september 2006 kl. 18.24 (UTC)
Vänta nu! Offentlighetsprincipen ger väl inte nödvändigtvis, vem som helst rätten att publicera ett material? -- Lavallen 25 september 2009 kl. 19.10 (CEST)
Nej, offentlighetsprincipen har inget med upphovsrätten att göra men enligt §26 i upphovsrättslagen "Var och en får återge vad som muntligen eller skriftligen anförs 1. inför myndigheter, 2. i statliga eller kommunala representationer, 3. vid offentliga debatter om allmänna angelägenheter eller 4. vid offentliga utfrågningar om sådana angelägenheter." Detta brev är ju ställt till rektorn för ett svenskt universitet så i teorin skulle det kunna gälla i detta fall.--Thurs 27 september 2009 kl. 22.44 (CEST)
Vi hade faktist lite debatter bland den administrativa personalen, när jag jobbade på ett universitet, om vi verkligen fick slänga skräppost vi fick, eftersom vi omfattades av offetlighetsprincipen. Nåväl, ingen diarieförde de breven, tack och lov... -- Lavallen 28 september 2009 kl. 07.48 (CEST)